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Major themes of manifestoes

With just two weeks to go until polling day, Alex Claridge looks at the manifestos of those standing and examine five key pledges of each. Major themes running through them are tackling congestion and pollution, altering the way the council works and protecting open spaces. Outside the five main parties, we also include the pledges of Labour-turned-independent councillor John Wratten …

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Car park story is a cheap political trick

IN HER letter about car parks in Canterbury city centre (Times, February 11), Jo Kidd uses a cheap politician’s trick of exaggerating a story she can then attack. There is no plan to expand car parks in Canterbury. However, there are many people who are worried by the council’s plan to reduce city-centre parking provision, which will have a detrimental …

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City centre does not need more car parks

I WONDER what most readers would regard as Canterbury council’s “family silver”. According to a letter from Lib Dem councillors last week, it is car parks and they trumpet that “Liberal Democrats have a long history of campaigning for keeping our car parks”. They go on to accuse the council and its plan to reduce the number of parking spaces …

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We must improve our air quality

At the same time that the UK is being prosecuted by the EU over our poor air quality breaches, the Canterbury draft transport strategy provides hope. It is full of sustainable transport measures which will encourage more people to use their cars less and to walk, cycle and use public transport more. We are very pleased to see many measures …

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