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Residents can have a free red wheelie bin

JUST a few lines to update you on red wheelie bins. In letters to the editor over the past two months, Canterbury City Council have now decided the residents can have a free red wheelie bin if we apply to Serco on 01227 819400, delivery will cost £8.50, or collect from Serco Kingsmead office for free. You will have to …

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Council took my bin and won’t replace it

I SYMPATHISE with J Bromley. Further to their letter regarding the charge for a new red recycling bin (letters, Wednesday, March 25). A few weeks back, following a recycling collection, my inner bin, used for paper and card recycling, was not placed back in my blue bin. I can only assume that it was thrown in the truck or left …

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Recycling bin for paper costs £40

AS PART of Canterbury City recycling system we have three wheelie bins, brown for general waste, green bin for garden waste, blue bin for plastic containers glass and insert bin for paper, but I am finding that the black paper box inside the blue bin is far too small for all my paper waste needs. I contacted Canterbury City Council …

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