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Country is corrupt and rotten to core

I AM of the age where I have generally made the effort to vote and I actually believe that everybody should be made to vote. However, if one looks at the terrible mess our country is in, brought about by the consistent failure of mainstream politicians one starts to understand why so many people just do not bother, there is …

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School serves well – just where it is

Councillors in Herne Bay and Sir Roger Gale have asserted that Herne Bay children are missing out on school places, with particular concern raised that children living in the Reculver, Bishopstone and Beltinge area have been excluded from attending grammar schools in general and Barton Court in particular (Pupils Caught In School Tug-Of-War, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, June …

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Closing Chaucer is not fair to children

I HAVE contacted all the local schools after the news that Chaucer could close and, not surprisingly, the only schools that will make space (somehow) for the vast bulk of the 600 kids about to be ejected from Chaucer are those academies that are performing significantly worse than Chaucer. This is so remarkably unfair I cannot contain my frustration. You …

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