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Vandals daub Ukip election office with swastika graffiti

A Ukip campaign office has been covered in swastikas and graffiti by vandals warning the party to leave town. The premises in Mortimer Street, Herne Bay, were targeted overnight on Sunday, with staff discovering the damage the following morning. Officials even had to force their way into the shop with a crowbar because the locks had been tampered with. It …

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‘Calls for more CCTV cameras to curb graffiti ‘ruining town’

Vandals are ruining the town and damaging tourism by spraying graffiti in prominent locations, a councillor has said. This week an image which appears to be another imitation Banksy was left below the pier. It depicts a rat and a discarded can. It follows the news last week that council contractors cannot scrub off damage caused to the Boy and …

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Clean-up fails to fix statue’s two black eyes

Fears that graffiti damage is permanent ONE of Herne Bay’s most well-known landmarks remains tarnished by spray paint, weeks after it was targeted by vandals. The Boy With A Boat, sculpted out of Portland limestone by Paula Haughney and installed in 1993, has had two black eyes and a smiley mouth added to it by the culprits. Herne Bay resident …

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Vandals can get to wall more easily now

I WOULD LIKE to respond to the story about the graffiti on the exterior walls of our school ( Times, February 25). The lack of response from the school may give some readers the impression that we do not care about the state of our premises. Unfortunately the call from Canterbury City Council ran when the school was closed for …

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‘Sort tagging before it becomes a problem’

A WHITSTABLE resident and prospective Conservative candidate for the Gorrell ward is calling for graffiti tags on a school building to be cleared up before it becomes an issue for the town. Brian Baker spotted the graffiti on the back of a building, which is part of Westmead’s Infant School, facing onto Stream Walk. He said: “Whitstable doesn’t have a …

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Looking after the environment

A biodiversity group has been formed to consider ways of reducing the impact of activities on the environment, and ways of improving environmental performance. The mulching scheme is being extended and includes mulching of Christmas trees and a spring bark mulch giveaway, which took place on 8 May this year. At this event, people from the Herne Bay In Bloom …

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