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Canterbury district’s local plan discussed in public for the first time

 … and guess what – Herne Bay gets screwed. To pay for treats for Canterbury.  Canterbury City Council’s draft local plan was discussed in public for the first time last night, amid accusations one of the key sites was “undeliverable” and uncosted. At a meeting of the council’s overview committee, Lib Dem Nick Eden-Green said the proposal for 4,000 homes …

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Local Plan – Herne Bay

The story so far: Maps of the proposed areas in Herne Bay. The cartoon maps come from the Agenda of the Overview Committee 13th May 7pm. I’ve super-imposed them on a Google map that shows Herne Bay’s Urban Boundary. The Draft Local Plan, to read onscreen or download.  N.B. The “Land at Greenhill” and “Bullockstone Road” developments are being dealt …

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Manston out-performed by a small hole in the ground

Sad but true. The numbers are in on this summer's Open Golf Championship at Sandwich, and they make good reading for the county. The direct economic boost and indirect benefit of TV coverage are valued at £77 million.

Each Open venue hosts the tournament about every ten years, so the once-a-decade display of supreme skill at the stick-ball-hole game works out at some £7.7 million a year of identifiable benefit to Kent.

Manston's latest night flight proposal rather optimistically assesses the airport's current contribution to the local economy at £3.8 million a year - less than half the impact of the Open even when the Open isn't on!

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Canterbury councillor Roger Matthews acquitted…

... but developer Julian Brealy convicted

A Kent property developer has been warned he could be facing a jail sentence after a jury convicted him of corruption. The verdict on Julian Brealy came shortly after Canterbury city councillor Roger Matthews was acquitted of the charge.

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