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Albion Rovers, and why I fell out with Cameron

There are now just two weeks until the general election, and political parties have began to unveil their manifestos for how they believe the country should be governed. This week, Ukip’s challenger Piers Wauchope met reporter Aidan Barlow outside the party’s campaign office in Mortimer Street in Herne Bay ABOUT THE CANDIDATE Piers Wauchope is 58 and a barrister. He …

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Sir Roger has high hopes for Conservative majority

With just three weeks until polling day, candidates will be working hard to try to secure your vote on May 7. This week Conservative incumbent Sir Roger Gale met reporter Aidan Barlow at the Central Bandstand in Herne Bay to discuss the issues at stake in this election. ABOUT THE CANDIDATE Sir Roger Gale has been the Member of Parliament …

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What a curious defence our MP Sir Roger Gale makes against Ukip! The simple fact is that Sir Roger has let us down. He was against immigration, He has done nothing about it. He supports a government that promised to reduce immigration “or vote us out”. Immigration is now at higher levels than it was under Gordon Brown. Sir Roger …

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A cheap and silly pop at Ukip by MP

Sir Roger Gale has once more taken the opportunity to take a cheap and frankly unintelligent pop at Ukip in his latest newspaper article for the people of Thanet (No Real Appetite For Hard-right Populism, Gale’s View, Home Bay Gazette, February 26). Sir Roger seems quite determined to have us believe that he actually cares who votes for him. The …

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Voting to stay in EU would be traitorous

THE main concerns expressed in recent editions have been job losses if we leave the EU and uncontrolled immigration, which has been twisted into nasty racism by those with nothing positive to say in support of the EU. Other more serious issues have been quietly left in the shadows. America, Canada and Mexico formed a trading bloc, but neither Canada …

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Manston, elections, and money

Dennis Franklin is a regular contributor to the IoT Gazette letters page, and sent us this letter to publish in full, just in case the Gazette doesn’t… I know what follows is lengthy, but I am trying to make some important points about Manston, forthcoming elections, and the use of public money. Also, I feel there have been more pro …

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A choice between the ins and the outs

JOBS are a central issue as we choose our MEPs on May 22. People may find the views of major employers persuasive. Business is overwhelmingly agreeing with Liberal Democrats that we need to be in Europe. Just this week the EEF, representing UK manufacturers, said being in Europe is vital. Almost 90 per cent of their members (employing a huge …

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Council throws good money at bad airport

KCC + KLM + KIA = WTF Getting a straight answer out of KCC is hard at the best of times – even with the legal leverage of the Freedom of Information Act it can take months. But it’s usually worth the wait, and the dogged persistence is rewarded. And let’s not forget, anything that’s released under the FoI Act …

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You say (29)

#Manston #nightflights

Dear Sirs,

I do not want the night flights proposal to be approved.

I live in Ramsgate and I’m very keen for the town to prosper but think that night flights will be very detrimental to this for the following reasons.

The town’s history and future is as a tourist resort and night flights will be very detrimental to this. I think there are very tourists who would be happy to have their sleep spoiled or their restaurant meals disturbed during their visit because of the noise these night flights will make.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

I am opposed to the proposal that Manston should be allowed to operate night flights between 11.00pm and 7.00pm.

I live directly under the flight path - by the time the planes are over my house I can virtually count the rivets on the undercarriages. The recent increase in night flying during the second half of 2011 has had a deleterious effect on our sleep. On one occasion my 14 year old son was awoken at 3.30am approx. and said "I thought a bomb had gone off!" Imagine how frightening this must be for smaller children.

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Iran Air at Manston

Yet another one of our eagle-eyed readers has raised an important and interesting question:


You can tell it's important, because it's all in CAPITALS.

And it's interesting because not many Iran Air planes are even allowed to fly anywhere near Europe... Here's what our beloved Foreign & Commonwealth Office have to say:

Safety and Security - Local Travel - Air Travel

The state carrier, Iran Air, has been refused permission to operate services to the EU with the exception of 14 aircraft of type A300, eight aircraft of type A310 and one aircraft of type B737. This restriction has been put in place because Iran Air has been unable to demonstrate that a number of aircraft in its fleet (including those of type A320, Boeing 727, B747-100, B747-200 and B747-SP) meet international safety standards.

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