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Facts about Altira Park

I would appreciate it if Dick Eburne checked out his facts first before criticising everybody else’s knowledge in future (Good Reasons To Turn Down Plans, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, October 2). His claims that Altira Park is not for retail but employment land. What is a supermarket Mr Eburne? A large employer of people? Their plan has since …

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Tories face rebellion on beach hut rent increase

Council under pressure to delay its decision RULING Tory councillors could face opposition from their own party tonight (Thursday) as they debate proposals to increase beach hut rents. Both Whitstable and Herne Bay area member panels voted to ask for the decision to be delayed to allow hut owners to get legal advice, after council lawyers said they must pay …

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Moviegoers taking advantage of app

BayCard replacement a hit with film fans FILM fans have snapped up bargain tickets available through a new mobile phone app. Almost 100 people took advantage of the £3 seats for the Kavanagh Cinema, in the three weeks since the My town, My City app was launched. Users download the app to their mobile phone or tablet and can then …

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Local Plan: housing target criticised by residents in Council meeting

Critics of the city council’s vision for the Canterbury district queued up to attack the  authority. Each was given a three-minute platform in the chamber to voice their opinions on the draft Local Plan – with the issue of 15,600 new homes dominating the  agenda. Most came from south Canterbury, where up to 4,000 homes are planned for farmland and …

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Local Plan: concerns need to be addressed

THE Rev Paul Wilson, of Whitstable Baptist Church, appealed to the council to “pause to get things right.” He said: “Above all, the Local Plan needs to be community-led, community-devised and community-tested. We need a plan we can be sure is the community’s preferred option – not telling people, but involving people. Community concerns need to be recognised and addressed, …

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Canterbury district’s local plan discussed in public for the first time

 … and guess what – Herne Bay gets screwed. To pay for treats for Canterbury.  Canterbury City Council’s draft local plan was discussed in public for the first time last night, amid accusations one of the key sites was “undeliverable” and uncosted. At a meeting of the council’s overview committee, Lib Dem Nick Eden-Green said the proposal for 4,000 homes …

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Councillors say sorting office closure will be ‘horrendous’

Closing the sorting office in Herne Bay will affect new businesses, according to concerned councillors. Members of the city council's ruling executive debated Royal Mail's plan to shut the depot and move staff to Canterbury, at their meeting on Thursday. Petitioner Dick Eburne said the move would cause many problems. He said:

"It will have a significant impact on the people of Herne Bay who want to collect their mail."

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Future of shelter to be decided

A long-running battle over where to place a Victorian shelter looked set to come to a head this week. Councillors were voting on where to put the historic Green Shelter as the Times went to press, after failing to come to a decision at a meeting in March. At the moment the shelter is in storage after having been taken down and repainted.

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Town Centre Development – consultation outcome

As you may remember, dear reader, Canterbury City Council very kindly ran a public consultation exercise last summer/autumn to find out what Herne Bay thought of their proposals for our town centre. This is the development that centres on the William Street car park, and involves putting up a large supermarket next to the, er, current supermarket, and building a hotel and some shops and houses.

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