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TDC has lost control of Manston

At first I thought that might be a surprising, or even shocking, headline. But on reflection, I'm sorry to say it isn't. At all.

TDC have never really chosen to exercise any control; Manston does pretty much whatever it likes; and us poor sods who live under the flight path (especially those who have used Manston's pitiful complaints system) are all too well aware that Manston operates what is technically termed "uncontrolled airspace".

All this relates to the now infamous 5th October "Wakey Wakey Ramsgate" incident. As you will see from their confession, Manston ignored the S106 agreement and flew planes in and out through the night.

If they get their way with their next night flights application, we'll be getting this kind of misery every night. Click HERE to see who to write to, and keep writing to them until the penny drops.

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