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Gilbey crushes colleague, damages democracy

This is shocking, whichever way you look at it. Cllr Gilbey fires one of his own, supposedly for speaking out of turn (see news item below). As Cllr Hirst points out, he is a councillor for both Canterbury City and Kent County, and he decides which hat to wear on the basis of whether the issue is a District level …

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Onion’s Tardis

A life-sized Tardis on the seafront could be a real draw with tourists, according to a Bay councillor. Tory Andrew Cook, who represents Heron ward, raised the issue for discussion at Tuesday's meeting of the town's councillors. The unusual agenda item came up after local prop-maker Jason Onion, 35, suggested the town go Dr Who mad and put a Tardis on the seafront.

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Post mortem and the afterlife

May’s election is done and dusted, the rosettes stored away, the leaflets recycled, and the manifesto promises are just fading memories. What are we left with for the next four years, here in sunny Herne Bay? Well, we’ve got eight of the old guard (one re-badged) and five newbies – a decent rate of turnover, by the look of it. …

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David Hirst

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