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Fracking fears highlighted by Campaign for the Protection of Rural England amid concerns to county’s aquifer and water supplies

A far-reaching report on the potential dangers of fracking in Kent has been submitted to a Commons select committee. CPRE Kent (Campaign to Protect Rural England) claims the controversial practice could damage the aquifer which supplies nearly three-quarters of the county’s water. It outlined its fears to the environmental audit committee, which is carrying out an inquiry into the potential …

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Flood defence conference planned

The floods during the winter of 2013 and 2014 affected large parts of Kent A conference to look at the lessons learned from last winter’s floods in Kent is being set up. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is organising the conference. More than 200 homes were flooded in the Yalding and Tonbridge area a year ago, and thousands …

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Your Kentish Gazette front-page headline on March 27 said What A Relief! A relief to whom? What are Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council doing to ensure a more Integrated public transport experience such as already happens in Oxford? Likewise, where is the target for every resident to have a footway to their nearest services or bus stop? Until …

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Local Plan: discussion in Canterbury

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has met with pressure groups ahead of the publication of the Canterbury City Local Plan today (20th June). On Monday, the CPRE were joined by members of the South Canterbury Alliance, North Canterbury Forum and the Canterbury Society, and discussed how all parties will launch their campaign against development of housing …

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Local Plan: Parish pledges to halt Strode in its stride

Parish councillors have vowed to stop a massive housing development they fear would link Herne to Herne Bay. Members of Herne and Broomfield Parish Council are working with charity CPRE Protect Kent to find reasons to stop 1,000 homes being built at Strode Farm owned by Hollamby Estates, of which parish councillor Andrew Brealy is a director. Mr Brealy left …

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Local Plan: Parish Council oppose Strode Farm plans

Parish councillors are set to outline their opposition to the Local Plan tonight (13th June 2013) as the public consultation on proposals for 3,000 homes in Herne Bay begins. Herne and Broomfield parish council is expected to focus its arguments against plans for 800 houses at Strode Farm. Although it has expressed disapproval for a 400-home development at Herne Bay …

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Local Plan: CPRE don’t like it much

Proposals put builders first, not people CPRE Protect Kent are extremely worried about the innumerable negative impacts that the current draft local plan may have. We are particularly concerned that the plan has no mechanism in place either to defend or to enhance what is left of Canterbury’s cultural and historic character. Instead, problems will inevitably arise from the proposals …

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Local Plan: Target of 3,000 homes is “over-ambitious”

Almost 3,000 homes, two new schools and a sports hub have been earmarked for Herne Bay in a controversial council document. The huge developments on four sites in the town were included in the draft Local Plan. It means applications for massive housing estates in Herne, Hillborough, Greenhill and on the former golf club site are almost certain to get …

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Planning permission for Manston

Manston airport sale "a chance to introduce proper planning"

News that Manston airport is up for sale is confirmation that the local infrastructure is not sufficient to sustain an airport, according to one of the most respected campaign group in the country.

Manston’s New Zealand owner, lnfratil, announced it was selling the site because it wanted to “refocus its investment profile" and concentrate on retail, production and supplying gas and electricity. The move puts 123 jobs at risk.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England says the sale is an ideal chance for Thanet council to put into force planning regulations protecting the interests of residents

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CPRE response to the public consultation

I've got a lot of time for the CPRE, and in particular our local branch - Protect Kent. They've got their heads screwed on, and their hearts are in the right place.

I joined them, and I encourage you to join them too. Your membership fees pay for their expert staff to do things like producing the response below. Read and enjoy... then join up!

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