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Budget is approved despite opposition

Council tax rise voted through at meeting, but councillors’ expenses cut isn’t FLY-TIPPING, rats and councillors’ expenses are just three of the issues that were raised in the heated debate that ended in Canterbury City Council voting through its budget for the coming year. Councillors traded barbs with each other over whose fault the financial crisis had been, and who …

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Manston, elections, and money

Dennis Franklin is a regular contributor to the IoT Gazette letters page, and sent us this letter to publish in full, just in case the Gazette doesn’t… I know what follows is lengthy, but I am trying to make some important points about Manston, forthcoming elections, and the use of public money. Also, I feel there have been more pro …

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Manston: there’s no fine print to read

The new night flights proposal from Manston contains just two rules that matter: how many planes, and how noisy. What will happen when Manston breaks the rules?

Absolutely nothing.

Manston has removed all the penalty clauses from their proposal.

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A reader writes (to Bob)

I thought my email of today may be of interest and stimulate other residents to convey their views to our councillors: August 21st 2011 Dear Councillor Bayford, Re Manston Airport – Proposed Night Flights As a regular listener to BBC Radio Kent, I heard your response rebuttal to Councillor Clive Hart’s interview at 08.15 on Thursday 18th August on the …

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