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Leader’s unpaid tax bill dispute

Council ‘wrong’ to offer part payment A LEADING Tory has criticised a decision by Canterbury City Council to pay part of leader John Gilbey’s tax bill as “illogical”. Councillor Simon Cook spoke out at a meeting of the council’s scrutiny and audit committee after calling in the issue of the tax that should have been paid on some of Cllr …

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Westgate trial

• UKIP members of both Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council councillors give notice that they unreservedly condemn the Westgate Towers mark two scheme. This scheme, forced upon us undemocratically by Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council, has not been discussed in the normal council committees. This situation is indicative of the appalling state of our local democracy. …

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System gives small clique a stranglehold on power

A piece of my mind TV writer, author and local campaigner Julie Wassmer gives her views… HOW thoroughly democratic of Councillor Neil Baker to support a petition calling for Canterbury City Council’s ruling executive to resign if a majority of Tankerton voters lobby him to do so. I have to wonder, however, why Cllr Baker delayed this move until December …

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