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Tit for tat at TDC

Manston is now a political football, and will be kicked around until Infratil take their ball home.

Cllr Bayford, who was Leader of the Council when both of Manston's night flying proposals were received, is now indulging in the time-honoured political tradition of finger-pointing, name-calling and blame-shifting.

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Manston in damage limitation mode

Charles Buchanan doesn't think that the independent report into the effect of development at Manston "challenged" his claims over economic benefit and noise pollution. No, it rubbished them.

Click it to big itCharles Buchanan says "we employ a lot of people in Margate". According to the proposal, 17.1% of the "about 110" staff... 19 people.

Bob Bayford says "the people most motivated to respond are those who have a negative view".  Oh dear, Bob, what's happened to your faith in human nature? Surely you don't believe that people with a positive view (i.e. have fallen for the sales pitch) are all going to be apathetic?

Cllr Bayford continues: "there will be activists going around encouraging people to respond negatively"... Hmmm, I expect there will be airport executives (and maybe councillors?) going round encouraging people to respond positively, too... but that doesn't seem to bother Bob.

I wonder if Bob has tripped into the pre-determination trap.

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Being hung might be the best outcome

"May you live in interesting times" ran the old Chinese curse, and it appears that Thanet may be about to overdose on political "interest".

The local election in May left Thanet with a more-or-less hung council: 27 Conservative, 26 Labour and 3 Independents. In exchange for chairmanship of their preferred committees, the Indies backed Cllr Bayford's bid for leadership - oh well, at least it was naked self-interest, rather than anything underhand...

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KIACC 21st October

KENT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEEMEETING IN PUBLICFriday 21st October 2011, 7pmAirport Departure Lounge, Manston Airport AGENDA Chairman’s welcome & opening Minutes of last meeting Matters Arising Short presentations from Community Fund recipients Report from the Airport Management (Charles Buchanan, CEO Manston Airport) The Leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr Bayford has been invited to address the meeting at this point …

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Manston’s dreams and nightmares

"Nostrildamus nose the future"Nostrildamus says:

  • Infratil's Charles Buchanan will shortly unveil his plans to stuff our ears with plane noise 24 hours a day.
  • He will brandish carrots and sticks as if they were real.
  • He will repeat the mantra that the airport will have to close if the proposals aren't accepted.
  • He will never say that he will close the airport - far too personal.
  • He will want to distract attention from the fact that the closure of the airport is  a purely commercial decision, already more than half-made.

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Sticky numbers

It's been a long time coming, but the wait is nearly over. York Aviation will be publishing the second half of their report tomorrow, supporting Manston's hare-brained notion that night flights will be the saving of the airport, and Thanet, and probably most of Kent.

The first part of York Aviation's report (supposedly) dealt with the economic and employment benefits of Manston getting busy - that was the carrot. The second part will cover the threat to Manston if it doesn't get the go-ahead for night flights - this is the stick.

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Manston Night flight plans grounded

Controversial plans to allow night flights at Kent International Airport have been put on hold. Infratil, the company which owns Manston airport, has agreed to revise a proposal to allow planes to take off and land 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It follows a meeting with senior Thanet council officials today. Under the proposals, an average of …

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