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Government pledges help to see Manston reopened

A minister today told representatives of investment firm RiverOak the government “would leave no stone unturned” in order to help find a way to “rescue” Manston airport. At a meeting of the Transport Select Committee, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Robert Goodwill MP, said prime minister David Cameron took a “keen interest” in the future of the airport. He said the Government would …

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CAA wants more runways

Once upon a time, I thought the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was independent. Hah! Fool.

I had assumed that as the regulatory body for the aviation industry, the CAA would be knowledgeable about (but independent of) the industry, and probably linked to the government (Dept of Transport?) in some way. No.

The CAA is entirely funded by the industry it regulates, and doubles up as an official-sounding (and well-funded) mouthpiece for the nation's propellor-heads. This explains why they keep churning out unquestioningly pro-aviation agitprop...

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Manston winces in the glare of publicity

The Iran Air Fuel Fiasco has been an international PR disaster for the airport. As Maxim PR (the airport's own PR company) says on its website: "You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep".

One consequence of this shambles is that all Manston's customers will be watched more closely in future, which may not please all of them.

Charles Buchanan's comments in this BBC article make it clear that it is the airport's desperation for money that led them into this geo-political minefield, and that they're giving up this revenue stream very reluctantly. Incidentally, this story makes a lot more sense if you replace the word "ethics" with the phrase "public relations"...

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Misery for Manston as tour operator collapses

Passengers have been grounded and holiday hopes dashed by the collapse of another tour operator at Kent International Airport.

Clipping: thisiskent

Passengers have been grounded and holiday hopes dashed by the collapse of another tour operator at Kent International Airport. Seguro Travel, which operated weekly passenger flights from Manston to Majorca and the Canaries, ceased trading on Wednesday leaving 2,400 people abroad and scrapping holidays booked by a further 17,000 people.

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Airport without radar until end of the year

Kent International Airport has been without radar following a lightning strike in May. Vital air traffic control equipment at the former RAF Battle of Britain base at Manston, was knocked out during a major thunderstorm and won't be replaced until the end of the year. At the moment jumbo jet pilots are using their eyes to get onto Britain's longest runway but neighbouring residents are worried.

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