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If you live in the Canterbury City Council area…

There is a campaign afoot to improve the way our Council is run, by making it more democratic. The current “Leader & Executive” system concentrates power in just a few hands, resulting in decisions (opposing village green applications, the Westgate Towers traffic trial, the Local Plan and so on) that are against the public interest, and even against the wishes …

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How can Herne Bay find its voice?

Town council or Herne Bay Society: what does the town need? Does Herne Bay need its own council, or would a Herne Bay Society be better? Is it time to reclaim our Bay? That’s the question campaigners are asking this week after another Canterbury City Council council decision was met with fury in the town. This time, it was the …

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Budget = Cuts

Council bosses say increasing income and prioritising “core services” will be their focus as they battle with another cut in government grants. Parking charges will rise and the district’s share of council tax will go up by the maximum two per cent allowed (unless a local referendum takes place) as officials try to balance Canterbury City Council’s (CCC) budget. The …

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Beach hut owners to start paying market rent

Canterbury City Council is seeking views on future charging arrangements for beach huts. Ongoing tenancy negotiations with Beach Hut Owners’ Associations prompted the council to seek external legal advice on its position. As a result, a number of changes are being made to beach hut tenancies and the associated fees. The council’s barrister provided very clear legal advice that it …

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Council’s priorities aren’t secret – they’re confidential!

Definition of secret: not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others. Definition of confidential: intended to be kept secret.  [Oxford Dictionaries online]  Who does Cllr Gilbey think he’s kidding?  Canterbury City Council is one of the most democratic local authorities in the country, claims leader John Gilbey. He hit out after the Kentish Gazette …

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Our Council’s secret priorities

Oh dear… the Council that represents us and works for us is refusing to tell us what they’re doing. It’s a kind of nanny-dictator state.  Canterbury City Council has produced a league table of its 71 service areas in order of importance, but is refusing to reveal how it has ranked them. The Gazette has learned that the Marlowe Theatre …

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Tories step back over new boundaries

Conservative members of Canterbury City Council have stepped back from making a formal proposal to the Boundary Commission about planned new ward boundaries across the district. The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking for people’s views on the subject. Following a six-week public consultation, the commission announced it may recommend the council has 38 councillors in the future, …

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Herne Bay people power

Congratulations to Herne Bay for a clear-cut response to the night flight proposals - "No thank you!".

If you have never heard of Peter Vickery-Jones, he is a Herne Bay councillor and holder of the Transport Portfolio for Canterbury City Council. In this article he complains that "Local activists have criticised this council for failing to respond to Manston's proposals". Unthinkable!

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Herne Bay rejects Manston night flights

As you probably know, Manston airport recently presented Thanet District Council with a proposal for scheduled night flights. TDC eventually organised a brief public consultation. Manston airport is obviously outside Canterbury’s feudal realm of control, but TDC agreed to let CCC have an input to the consultation… The agreement was that CCC would be sent copies of all the submissions …

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At last, Herne Bay gets a mention

Herne Bay residents will be delighted that our Council has finally stirred itself. They will be looking at all the responses from the CCC area, collating them, and presenting Canterbury's considered opinion.

Hopefully, this will mean that the views of Herne Bay residents will, in effect, be presented twice - firstly in TDC's analysis of the responses, and secondly when reiterated by Canterbury.

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