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Sacred sites so important for people to mark winter solstice

THE winter solstice is the moment when the sun reaches its most southern point, after which days get longer again. It creates an alignment at Neolithic sites around the world, including Stonehenge, Newgrange in Ireland and Iwade henge in Kent. Neo-druids, neo-pagans and Wiccans — a variation on paganism — gather to chant spiritual mantras and bless the sun. Many …

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It’s Christmas… where’s my tent?

Many years ago I used to look forward to Christmas. The message, I understood, was ‘peace and goodwill to all’ and there was a real feel-good factor during the last week before Christmas. Having suffered since the middle of November Christmas songs blaring out in the supermarkets, watched an endless array of emotive Christmas adverts on TV and witnessed the …

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Herne Bay PhotographIc Club

The club has had a busy time. First was the second half of the landscape/open competition for digital images. Judge Deborah Armour was provided with an evening of high-quality photos. In the landscape category, Steve Roberts took 1st place with Froggett Edge and 2nd place with Dusk over Windermere, with 3rd place going to Di Long with Pink Heather. After …

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Bring festive cheer to those in need

Our bustling shopping centres will no doubt get even busier as the festive spending season approaches. But behind the sparkling lights and glitter is hardship for some who are not looking forward to Christmas — simply because they cannot afford even the most basic essentials. It seems hard to conceive in 2014, especially in an apparently affluent part of the …

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Pier news: decking to be replaced for £140k

More than 700 square metres of the timber decking that surrounds the central tarmac area on Herne Bay pier will be replaced in a project costing around £140,000. Inspections have shown that while the pier’s substructure is sound, the timber runners and decking are not in such good condition and have deteriorated since the pavilion was removed. The area around …

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Piratical display lights up the pier

People power – and a pinch of piracy – is behind a festive lights display erected more than a kilometre out to sea. A Christmas tree of light, made from around 1,000 lights, appeared on the stranded head of Herne Bay pier just before Christmas. Pier Pirates claimed responsibility for the seasonal display and said the lights were a symbol …

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Christmas Fair at the Bandstand

Beach Creative, Herne Bay In Bloom, and Herne Bay Pier Trust have all got together to bring you a fantastic Xmas fair, starting this Saturday 15th December from 11am, at Herne Bay Bandstand. It’s a chance for the residents and visitors of Herne Bay to do something positive this Christmas and enjoy the festive atmosphere too. Bring the kids along …

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You say (12)

#Manston #nightflights

I want to say that I am AGAINST night flying at Manston between the hours of 11pm and 7am. Every time there is a night flight, for whatever reason, I am woken from sleep. The noise from night flights will be unbearable and quality of life will be changed forever. I am speaking for my children and my grandchildren who often sleep at my house and have been woken up already with night flights. Sleep is precious and not an option - do not allow these flights!

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

I am writing to register my strong opposition to Infratil's current proposal for Night Flights from Manston airport.

My home lies directly under the Manston airport flight path and the noise of daytime flights is already hugely invasive and shocking, at any time of day.

Quite aside from my personal feelings, I believe that the threat of night flights is effectively stifling the burgeoning renaissance of Ramsgate.

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Thanet Movies

Charlie Buchanan And The Chocolate Factory The Manston With The Golden Gun Merry Christmas, St Lawrence The Spy Who Loved Margate Laura Sandys: Tomb Raider From Ramsgate With Love The Bayford Ultimatum Thanet Is Not Enough Casino Royal Sands Dial M For Margate The Quexorcist … any more?

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