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No real appetite for hard-right populism

Gale’s view by your MP Roger Gale In a recent article, which I correctly anticipated would be taken out of context and unsubtly edited by political opponents, I said: “Let me be crystal clear I do not wish to be re-elected with the support of anyone who espouses the views expressed in the minutes following the murder of those working …

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Gale’s View

by your MP Roger Gale I believe that those who have sent me to parliament, at least over the last 20 years or so, have had a fair idea of what they were getting for their money. Through columns and news items in the Herne Bay Gazette, on radio and on television, I have sought to make my beliefs clear. …

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Readers’ control of our press freedom

Much has been written about the terrorist outrages in France in recent days and their implications for press freedom. This atrocity has already had a chilling effect on the freedom of expression – witness the machinations in newsrooms across the world about whether to reproduce the front cover of Charlie Hebdo that caused so much offence in the first place …

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