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Needle and threat

Charles Buchanan, CEO of Manston Tumbleweed Airport, has launched the next round of his campaign to make the airport more sellable. By his own admission, the airport is losing £5m a year, and the Kiwi overlords (Infratil) are desperate to rid themselves of this continual drain on resources. Infratil are up-market barrow boys, buying companies to asset-strip or invest in, …

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A reader writes

I have recently moved to Ramsgate, after visiting a friend for five years I fell in love with it and so moved with my whole family. I heard the odd plane when visiting BUT if there were to be night flights I would without a doubt move. These aren’t just planes but huge loud cargo carriers sounding like they are …

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Air Passenger Duty

Special pleading for yet more handouts from the public purse.

Manston and a clutch of other regional airports are asking the Government to change the way that APD (Air Passenger Duty) is levied. The suggestion is that APD levels should "be set at a lower level for uncongested regional airports with significant available capacity to help alleviate congestion and improve the passenger experience at the main London airports."

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