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A brighter vision for the sorting office

IF CANTERBURY Council were to act with haste and vision, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create highly valuable space at Whitstable harbour by buying the Whitstabte sorting omce and relocating the Oyster Indoor Bowls Club there. The funding would come from rent charged to incoming businesses on the valuable (in every sense) Oyster site — with …

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Parking rethink is long, long overdue

I AM pleased that, four years after I started asking for Canterbury council to look at parking issues in Herne Bay, they are finally starting to think about it. The truth is that parking is a vital issue at the heart of the wellbeing of any town’s retail and visitor experience. The council’s response was “we need the money” and …

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Herne Bay people power

Congratulations to Herne Bay for a clear-cut response to the night flight proposals - "No thank you!".

If you have never heard of Peter Vickery-Jones, he is a Herne Bay councillor and holder of the Transport Portfolio for Canterbury City Council. In this article he complains that "Local activists have criticised this council for failing to respond to Manston's proposals". Unthinkable!

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