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Infratil Airports Europe; right ingredients wrong outcome

Infratil’s assessment of their European airports, in their own words… In the 1990s Australia and New Zealand were amongst the first countries to sell state-owned airports and to allow their commercial operation. The resulting value uplift encouraged Australasian investors to look at markets where similar developments were occurring, which led to Europe. Infratil invested in Prestwick, Kent and Lübeck airports …

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Thoughts from the think tanks

A couple of think tanks (Policy Exchange and Centre Forum) have got their heads together to produce a thoughtful and thought-provoking analysis of possible solutions to aviation capacity in the south-east. The best approach would be to build a new four runway Heathrow, immediately west of the current site. These new runways would replace the existing runways. This would be …

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KCC’s contribution, for what it’s worth

Boldly Stepping… KCC are happily throttling themselves with management speak and business jargon, which is why some of their worst ideas are dressed up as “Bold Steps”. The latest in the series is “Bold Steps for Aviation” which is described as “a discussion paper which suggests how the UK’s aviation capacity needs could be met without the need to develop …

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Knight vision

I wonder if Sir Roger Gale MP understands aviation. He says that "the new Secretary of State for Transport, Justine Greening, needs to take a long, hard, look at the available and under-used facilities that already exist. That must, of course, include Manston." And then what? What does he think will happen after this purposeful looking?

The top end of the aviation industry is characterised by huge budgets and small margins. The successful players continually examine and re-examine every opportunity the market has to offer. It is a very pure form of market-driven capitalism, and as his ex-Boss once said "You can't buck the market".

The major (and minor) players in the aviation industry have been examining, and then rejecting, Manston for over a decade. In addition, throughout that time, each owner of Manston has been doing their utmost to attract business. Does Sir Roger really think that a thoughtful stare from a Secretary of State is going to transform a history of hard-headed rejections into a future of warm-hearted embraces?

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Cameron shoots everybody in the foot, himself first

How NOT to make a decision on Boris Island

There is a right way and a wrong way to make decisions on airports. The right way:

  • Set out the need for the development and options in a draft aviation NPS;
  • Carry out an SEA and consultation;
  • Choose an option and put the NPS to parliament;
  • Minister makes final decision.

  • Cameron has shown that he is is own worst enemy when it comes to major policy decisions. The rules aren't that complicated - they can be written on the back of an envelope.

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    CAA wants more runways

    Once upon a time, I thought the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was independent. Hah! Fool.

    I had assumed that as the regulatory body for the aviation industry, the CAA would be knowledgeable about (but independent of) the industry, and probably linked to the government (Dept of Transport?) in some way. No.

    The CAA is entirely funded by the industry it regulates, and doubles up as an official-sounding (and well-funded) mouthpiece for the nation's propellor-heads. This explains why they keep churning out unquestioningly pro-aviation agitprop...

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    Boris Island must never be able to get off the ground

    Any new major airport near the Thames Estuary is impractical because of politics and birds


    At first the idea of a new airport on, or even in, the Thames Estuary seemed to be just one of the Mayor of London's less amusing flights of fancy, but now the arrival of a proposal by the architect Norman Foster has given it some respectability. The idea of replacing Heathrow and moving east is not new. Forty years ago, Maplin Sands, off Essex, was held up as a possible site, but interest soon dwindled and the present proposals seem just as likely to fade when confronted by the real situation: that a new airport is both impractical and unnecessary.

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    Last week’s pithy missive from Mrs. Earplugs to Paul Carter FC via his blog on the KCC website.  No reply yet. I expect he’s busy. You say you understand that Boris doesn’t want a third runway at Heathrow and that you don’t want an airport in the estuary. And then you say you want more use to be made of …

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    Carter prefers Manston to Boris Island

    Kent County Council leader Paul Carter has hit back at Boris Johnson's call for a new airport in the Thames Estuary. Mr Johnson, the Tories' London mayoral candidate, is calling on the Government to reconsider plans for a new airport in the estuary instead of going ahead with the widely opposed plans for a third runway at Heathrow.

    But Cllr Carter on the other hand believes Kent International Airport at Manston could be the solution to improve airport capacity and has invited MP Boris Johnson to see for himself.

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