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Airport committee chairman hits out at Sir Roger Gale

MP Sir Roger Gale’s response to news that Bristow plans to base its search and rescue service at Lydd because of the closure of Manston airport has been slammed by the Chairman of the Kent International Airport Consultative Committee (KIACC). Sir Gale had said the decision by Bristow was “neither news nor surprising”. He described KIACC as a “former” committee …

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Transport Select Committee – public hearing

We submitted our written evidence to the committee in October 2014. On February 2nd, we went along to Portcullis House (just across the road from the Houses of Parliament), to do our bit. For you. Here you can watch the committee in action. We start with: Pauline Bradley (Director, Manston Skyport Limited) Alastair Welch (Interim Director, Kent Airport Limited) Alan Mackinnon …

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The most vocal supporters of the “cargo hub and knackers yard” pipedream, the starters of petitions, the cheerleaders for foreign property developers, and those who would have TDC take a “leap of faith” into the financial abyss… don’t live under the flight path and wouldn’t have to live with the consequences of their actions. But they’re perfectly happy to inflict a freight hub …

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