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New Museums boss excited for future

Responsibility for the district's much treasured artefacts has been handed to a newly appointed director of museums and galleries at the city council.

Jo Jones, 39, says Canterbury has an outstanding variety of historical collections, and she aims to encourage more visitors to spend more money on seeing them. Her appointment follows widespread condemnation last year of council proposals to close some museums to save money.

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It doesn’t add up

I wasn’t top of the class at school in mathematics so perhaps someone would explain to me how Canterbury City Council works out its finances? (Campaigning for heritage Canterbury Times, February 18). Since the recession started the council have approved projects that run into millions and millions of pounds. I think it was about £17m on refurbishing the Marlowe theatre, £7m …

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Democracy is a verb

When I went to the Council meeting on 22nd Jan, gracing the middle of the chamber were 50-ish Councillors, the Lord Mayor, and some Council officers and assorted hangers-on.

There was one guy sitting at the other end of my bench who left after hearing about the Council unearthing Roman remains in the basement of the Beaney - I assume he was an archeology fiend of some sort. There were two guys (spouses/partners/cabbies?) on the other side of the chamber who didn't seem to be paying much attention to anything. In other words, the public benches were all but empty. I'm told this is pretty well the norm.

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