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Pier is reminder of failed oyster industry

THERE cannot be many who do not know about Whitstable’s association with oysters, but less well-celebrated was the oyster industry of Herne Bay. Oysters reached the height of their popularity with the English public in the early 1860s and there was a range of attempts to set up fisheries around the coast at that time. The Herne Bay Oyster Fishery …

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Turnpike Trust puts seaside town on a fast track to development

HERNE Bay’s coastal location and proximity to Canterbury contributed to its development as a resort and town that was relatively recent compared with some of its neighbours. Charles Seymour writing in 1776 mentions sea-bathing at Herne Bay as well as the availability of accommodation for families. Regular visits of coastal trading vessels and colliers from Sunderland and Newcastle had long …

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Turnpike road paved way for growth of modern town

THIS winter has been a difficult one for road-users, with frequent complaints about poor surfaces and potholes damaging our cars. But 200 years ago, the road surface would have been very different, often marked by deep ruts caused by the wheels of carts and carriages. When these tracks filled with water, they could present hazards for road-users, even making the …

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