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The committee of the Friends have had a very positive meeting with the new Director Jo Jones. We talked about ways that the Friends can get involved with the museum, not just financially, but practically. Ways in which the ideas from the community can make a real impact upon what is in the museum and what happens there.

Ideas like the People’s Case, the Picture of the Month, a return to a more mixed and vigorous exhibition programme, more regular changes in the permanent displays and better marketing, these have all been met with enthusiasm. Moves like this answer many of the criticisms that we heard from people during the “Save the Museum” campaign. But to make them and other ideas happen needs input from everyone.

When you signed the petition in 2009 or joined the Friends, you were moved to register your anger or your support, now we need to hear your voice again, come to the Social in September, write to the Newsletter or email MuseumFriends@HerneBayMatters.com

Ideas wanted, comments required and suggestions sought.

Jenny Cross, Chair

July 2011


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