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Stone Hill Park consultation

As you will know, the old airport site at Manston is now 80% owned by Discovery Park (Chris Cartner and Trevor Musgrave) who also own the old Pfizer site at Sandwich. They had some initial public consultations in the summer, and they will be running another couple of open events in the beginning of December.

Go along, see what they have to say, and tell them what you think – they really do want to hear you!

SHP Consultations Dec 2015 by NoNightFlights

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  1. As I wrote in my previous comments. The sooner that this plan is allowed to become reality the better!!
    It suits all aspects of development in terms of social,economic and environmentally compatible terms.
    Therefore, it is a far better option than the spectre of both a cargo hub airport and an aircraft breakers yard each of which will bring its inherent safety and environmentally unacceptable risks.

  2. dennis franklin

    Can plans for the redevelopment be given urgency? The sooner people in Thanet see the tremendous opportunities it will provide, the sooner they will give up their ridiculous notion of trying to obtain a CPO, as nothing else can compete!

  3. The plans you are making will create far more jobs for Thanet than the airport ever did. So many tried and failed, so good luck with it all, I just hope the council will not hold you back. The only part I am not in favour of is the heritage runway, I think it would be best to forget planes altogether and concentrate on businesses, but the museum would be a good feature.

  4. Let’s hear it for the Arts – earlier plans talked about a Music or Film Studio on the site. Thanet has a special place in music history and it forms an integral part of the leisure scene.

    A film studio would bring work and prestige to the area, especially with the fast link trains to London.

    Let’s think future, where our aspiring young people could follow their dreams here instead of all our talent leaving the area. It’s time to be proud and create something valuable on this wonderful historical site. I do hope somewhere there can be a memorial to the memory of Manston Airport and all those who served there during WW2.

  5. Kent resident

    The whole farce has been long played out now by Roger Gale and his business partners only after one thing and one thing only ! Probable back handers for him from the group of shareholders at RO, and nothing but hell for the Thanet residents if he had his way. All if any profits would be taken out the Country for those American shareholders and there would be nothing for Thanet except a messy, noisy airfield and somewhere for the SMA protestors to sit and watch old airplanes coming in to land.
    No, this has gone on far too long. It’s like flogging a dead horse. It’s way past time to forget about it and start something that is going to give Thanet the best chance to recovery. Something which is already on offer and has been for over a year now. Stop holding Thanet back and wasting more time with all the CPO nonsense which has been proven over and over to be the wrong and costly road to travel and lets just get on with it now with the current owners. Please start building hope now. No more waiting !