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Still in the dark over street lights

Why haven’t they put lights back on? I am amazed at the decision of the Conservative administration of the county council not to switch streetlights on again after midnight. A petition, with 10,000 names, calling on KCC to reverse its late night switch-off, triggered a full debate at the county council meeting last Thursday. I know from the calls I have had from members of the public that in certain areas residents are concerned, with good reason, about having their streets plunged into darkness after midnight. Cars have been vandalised, gardens overrun. And let’s not forget the anxiety of those who work on shifts,especially women, and walk back home in the early hours of the morning. The opposition on the council voted to have the lights switched back on. However the Conservative majority overruled us. Then they went on to push through a proposal simply to “look again at the criteria for judging where the lights should after all be switched back on”. In other words they kicked the matter into the long grass. This is a flawed policy, done without local consultation. The Conservatives should have recognised this, and switched the lights back on, and set up a proper consultation on a local level, to see what people in each local area want, and then act on it.

Cllr Martin Vyc (Lib Dem), Patrixbourne Road, Bridge

Herne Bay Gazette, April 2nd 2015

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