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Steve Coombes – head and heart present and correct

The good news is that we have THREE Independent candidates standing for Herne Bay in the KCC election. Regular readers will already have been introduced to John Moore and Stan Truelove.

Now meet Steve Coombes – he’s got his head screwed on and his heart’s in the right place. What more could you want? He’s done all sorts of telly stuff (and probably a few other things too), and has a knack for highlighting the dafter things our Council has done to us. Have a look at his site to find out more.

On Thursday, vote for Herne Bay. Vote Independent.

Steve Coombes, Herne Bay Independent candidate talks election issues

What’s the difference between a totally corrupt planning system and what happens in Herne Bay?

Well, one sprays around change of use permissions to developers
like confetti, blights the seafront and rewards attempts to make
buildings derelict, then fails to ensure there are enough schools
and health facilities to service the enormous number of flats and
housing estates it is approving – and a totally corrupt planning system
wouldn’t be much better.

Last year, KCC allocated £2.1m to arts development while
Canterbury council spent £8.5m on culture and enterprise. But sadly,
very little of this money ever reaches Herne Bay. Try this fun quiz
about recent controversies:

  1. If you have a successful annual classic car rally which
    attracts up to 6,000 visitors to the town, would you privatise it and
    then stand idly by as the 2013 rally is postponed indefinitely? (Yes/No)
  2. Would you outsource the Herne Bay festival to a Brighton events company on the grounds of Localism? (Yes/No)
  3. Given there is £54,500 in the council budget for Christmas
    lights, would you allow most of that money to go elsewhere, so Herne Bay
    ends up with the worst Christmas tree in Britain? (Yes/ No)
  4. Having erected said tree, would you then take no steps to hold anyone responsible? (Yes/No)
  5. Would you then take every penny from the very small pot of
    money the town does have for culture and leisure and pledge to spend
    it on Christmas lights instead, so the council doesn’t have to pay
    anything on trees and decorations in Herne Bay next year? (Yes/No)

If your answers are mainly Yes, you are an elected councillor.
If your answers are mainly No, you are everyone else in Herne Bay who
is absolutely gobsmacked by such municipal absurdity.

I’m all in favour of both – especially in Herne Bay.

thisiskent 17th Apr 2013

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