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Stadium not a good use of cash

Canterbury Council’s budget is tight and will remain so in the near future. There are far better uses of public money than giving a loan, let alone a grant, to built a football stadium in Hersden. It might benefit the few hundred people living in Hersden and the students of the local academy, but not the wider community in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne Bay. The same objective of providing a sports pitch in Hersden could be achieved at a fraction of the £156m estimated cost of the stadium. If a loan was agreed what guarantee would the club be able to provide? Are we to expect that after a few years it would be written off as a bad debt? Finally, if local football were to receive a grant or a loan, other team sports in need of better facilities should attract similar support.

Yvan Fontanel, Broad Street, Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, April 23rd 2015

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