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Spend on aid, not involvement in war

I must reply to Mike Conolly’s letter last week, as my letter of March 26 was edited. I should have headed my letter Militarisation In Schools Should Be Cut, rather than Government Priorities as I had done originally. The editor did add that my point was that the government has £4.2 million to spend on militarisation in schools, and £285 million for nuclear weapons (actually, £100,000 over the life of Trident) but can’t afford to spend on so many different areas of life in this country for the well-being of our citizens. Of course, I am aware of all the really terrible conflicts which are happening all over the world. Mike Conolly and I will probably never agree about this, but would our country being involved in sending our soldiers to all of these different areas of conflict and repression be considered “defence of the realm”? I am all for protecting our citizens in this country, but think it would be better to send aid to those countries to improve their circumstances and to diminish the inequalities of their lives. If Mike Conolly and others would like to discuss this matter further, perhaps they would like to come to talk to those of us who will be taking part in the Global Day Against Military Spending near the Clock Tower in Canterbury this Saturday from 11am.

Marilyn Sansom
Campaign Against Arms Trade and Kent CND, Selling Road, Old Wives Lees

Herne Bay Gazette, April 9th 2015

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