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Slip road would solve problems

The fourth A2 slip road at Wincheap is key to solving several traffic problems. This slip road would allow direct access to Wincheap Industrial Estate and park and ride from the A2. I have a Kent County Council report which shows that it would thereby remove a lot of traffic from Wincheap, Rheims Way and the Harbledown bypass. This would reduce the dangerous traffic conditions and congestion at the Wincheap roundabout which were a major factor in Dr Bowman’s unfortunate accident. This slip road will also create a direct route from Whitstable to the industrial estate and park and ride, via Brenley Corner, thus relieving traffic past Blean School and through Rough Common, especially lorries. And the slip road would also reduce the rat-running through Harbledown and Upper Harbledown that is caused by all traffic for the Wincheap industrial Estate and park and ride currently having to exit the A2 at Upper Harbledown and join the queues. The government gave permission for the fourth A2 slip road in 2006. But the city council has still not completed a preliminary design! Instead, councillors on the executive wasted 7.5 years energetically promoting a deeply unpopular fourth park and ride site, in the Grade I orchards between Harbledown and Chartham Hatch – finally backing down only last year. Will our new councillors give priority to the design and funding of the fourth Wincheap slip road, thus removing queues and wasted time for many people, and giving a real boost to our city?

Jeremy Baker
Fir Tree Close, Rough Common

Herne Bay Gazette, April 9th 2015

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