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50,000 m² new “comparison shopping” retail space is set aside for Canterbury and 3,250 m² for Whitstable. “Comparison shopping” includes clothing; household goods; and other purchases where people will wander about and look at alternatives before buying. It does not include food shopping (convenience shopping). There is to be no new “comparison shopping” for Herne Bay even though our population is set to soar. This suggests we are all expected to spend our money in Canterbury. [Draft Local Plan 1.53]

It is proposed that there will be 15,000 m² of new employment land at Strode Farm and 33,000 m² at Altira. Other Herne Bay employment sites “identified and protected” are at Eddington (8.2ha), Altira (1.6ha) and Metric Site (0.2ha). The Council will not allow retail businesses on these sites, which suggests an end to the Sainsbury’s proposal for Altira.  [Draft Local Plan 3.36]

The Council wants to protect Canterbury’s pre-eminence as a retail centre. [Draft Local Plan 4.6]

“…the district centres (Herne Bay and Whitstable) have a complementary role as part of the established retail hierarchy, serving the local population. They ensure a sustainable focus and pattern for development and their position within the retail hierarchy will continue to ensure they have opportunities to enhance and strengthen their role. The distinctive characteristics of each centre will be promoted, and there is clearly scope within both centres for making improvements to the public realm and shopping environment.” [Draft Local Plan 4.7]

What this means is that the retail centre is Canterbury. The plan remains for Herne Bay people to shop in Canterbury and boost the City’s coffers. Our local shopping offer is to be lower key, local shopping only. 

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