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Sense prevails, flagpole safe.

So they won’t be knocking it down, but the Engineers say it’s nearing the end of its life. Has anyone thought of repairing it? “A stitch in time saves nine”  as my Gran would say. “Make do and mend” that was another catch-phrase.

The flagpole opposite Herne Bay pier has been saved – for now. The Gazette exclusively revealed last week that councillors were considering rushing through plans to pull down the historic mast while construction workers were employed on the seafront.

The plans were shelved at the latest meeting of the regeneration committee on Monday, which sits in private, after there was no clear majority on what to do with the flagpole.

The mast is not completely safe, however, as engineers say it only has another four or five years’ life left. Councillors agreed to leave the flagpole and to revisit the issue in the future. Cllr Peter Lee said:

“It will not be a permanent fixture but for the moment, people think leave it where it is. Given the time it will take to consult the public, the opportunity with construction workers on site will be lost, so on that basis we decided not to take it any further.”

Cllr Ron Flaherty said:

“I said there is no rush and I would rather leave it for the moment. I am not so sure the plantage around the flagpole should be removed to have an open space.”

HB Gazette 27th Jun 2013

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  1. For goodness sake, what else are we going to lose in Herne Bay? Where do they get all these massive figures from to fix it. Has a search been made to see if there is another flagpole which can be acquired – and why closed doors, this is part of Herne Bays Heritage.