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Senior citizens in bingo bust-up

Two warring OAPs at Connaught bingo hall have been warned to stay away from each other after police were called out to the pair for a second time this year. The elderly women, both ‘top of the shop’ at the ages of 90 and 92, have been involved in an “ongoing feud”.

Officers were called out to a complaint of harassment when one of the pair got in a “two and eight” on June 26, when a punch was reportedly thrown. A counter allegation of harassment was then made. A source told the Herne Bay Times:

If one woman wins on the fruit machine then the other one starts calling her names because she has been putting money in the same machine. They just do not like each other. The feud has been going on for a long time. This time police were called again and the bingo hall gave both ladies a suspension.

A bingo-bust up in February also resulted in a knock at the door by police but no arrests have been made. A police spokesman said:

Kent Police has investigated an allegation of harassment following an ongoing feud between two elderly women who attend the Connaught Bingo Club. Both parties have been spoken to and police will not be taking the matter any further.

Connaught boss Tony Lynch said:

From our point of view we have spoken to the two ladies concerned and the matter is now in the past. It is a private membership matter between myself and the ladies.

Police have warned the feuding pair to “stay out of each other’s way.”

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