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Seasick Steve tells noisy talkers to shut up during show at Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone

A fan of blues guitarist Seasick Steve has accused noisy drinkers of ruining the singer’s show at Folkestone’s Leas Cliff Hall last night.

He claims the singers’s music was drowned out by talking when the venue’s neighbouring bar stayed open throughout his show.

And he says an exasperated Seasick Steve had to tell the babbling audience members three times to shut up.

Seasick Steve

Seasick Steve

Steve Cook says the American blues singer’s show was disrupted last night on the first date of a new tour.

Mr Cook, of Hawkinge, said: “I can only apologise to Steve on behalf of the town and his genuine fans for the disturbance suffered.’’

Mr Cook said at times Seasick Steve could not be heard talking over the loud chatter in the packed bar area.

He went on: “It makes you wonder why people pay for gig tickets then spend all night in the bar chatting.

Angry fan Steve Cook

Angry fan Steve Cook

“The cacophany could be heard by the artist performing, much to his annoyance. Seasick Steve had to tell them himself to shut up on three separate occasions when he was performing, with very little effect.’’

He added: “I would expect the performer to be given the courtesy to perform without disturbance. He was not performing in some back street pub but an actual entertainment venue.’’

He said customers should have been made to use the bar in the foyer, which is behind closed doors and away from the stage and seating area.

Leas Cliff Hall management say they have noted concerns and will take steps to prevent further problems.

A spokesman said: “We would agree that a disruptive level of chat or audience noise during a performance is no good for the performer or gig attendees.

The Leas Cliff Hall

The Leas Cliff Hall

“Our staff and security personnel do confront excessive noise makers in the audience. It was noticed at the Seasick Steve gig that noise came to a unacceptable level in an area bordering one of the bar areas towards the end of the gig on more than one occasion.

“Although the vast majority of the audience around the hall experienced little disruption from the crowd, the venue will be looking at options for the future that offer all of our customers what they wish for, an enjoyable atmosphere and experience, whilst having access to our bar facilities.

“The feedback received from the those in the vicinity of the raised audience noise has been noted and is much appreciated in our continued improvement of staging our variety of events at the Hall.’’

Seasick Steve was not available for comment.


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