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“…new housing accommodation should be provided alongside other social and physical infrastructure, to ensure that existing infrastructure capacity is not exceeded and made worse by new development. Integral to encouraging balanced and sustainable communities are measures to provide access to public transport, education, health and other public services, measures to prevent crime, leisure and recreation and a strong environment that will aid sense of place and community.” [Draft Local Plan 2.43]

It is well-known locally that we do not have enough secondary school places in Herne Bay. The Plan is for many more people to live here, but there is no new secondary school proposed for us. This can only make the current shortfall of local school places worse. We’re also worried that this big population increase cannot be served by just two new doctor’s surgeries.

“…The City Council has cooperated with Kent County Council in respect of the impact of proposed new development in the Plan on the need for new or improved school provision in the district, and some of that provision is made as part of the strategic allocations in the Plan.” [Draft Local Plan 3.63]

Note that word “some”. The Council knows that the rash of new housing estates that it is proposing for this town will exacerbate our current shortfall in school places in the town.

“The Council also believes that there is a strong case to be made for grammar school provision at the coast.” [Draft Local Plan 3.66]

However, the Plan does not make that case and there is no land set aside anywhere to build a new secondary school. Nor is there any commitment from Kent Council to fund a new secondary school. This statement is pure pie in the sky.

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