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Roger Gale showing double standards

Putting Manston airport to one side for a moment, and without prejudice to it, I wonder about the double standard from Roger Gale regarding house building. He says that Thanet does not want houses as there are no jobs, yet he is aware of the 1,000 houses to be built at Hillborough, and the considered 800 houses between Herne and Chestfield and has not been as vociferous or indignant about those plans, where I am sure there can be few if any jobs in Beltinge, Broomfield, Herne or Herne Bay.

If each house had two people working, that would be 3,600 jobs. Even if Manston airport reopened and became the success story he would like to achieve, those with a large mortgage could not afford to take non-skilled jobs, and in any case I am sure Thanet council would want to employ their own long-term unemployed first which is quite right. If there were to be a lot of skilled labour those capable of that kind of work would apply from far and wide. Perhaps local people could learn a lot from the residents of Thanet. Could it be time for us to put a stop to everything we consider wrong for our area?

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Herne Bay Times, July 2nd 2014

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