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Rebrand plan for museum

PrintVolunteers have unveiled plans to rebrand the museum as the Seaside Museum Herne Bay. It follows a debate at the official launch meeting on Friday, March 27, where ideas were put forward about a possible new theme for the building in William Street. Friends of Herne Bay Museum secretary suggested the new seaside themed idea, and said the majority backed the plan. David Cross told the Gazette that the old museum suffered from image problems and was a bit “moribund” with garish colours that were stuck in the past. He said:

“The idea of calling it the Seaside Museum gives us a real edge. Lots of coastal towns have museums but none have gone for the theme. We rejected the idea of changing to a heritage centre or community hub, because a museum says what it is. The word took on a boring connotation, but it should be made into something more positive.

The seaside is Herne Bay’s unique selling point, and having our museum as the primary seaside museum will be unique too. We want the building to be a museum, but fun, informative and educational too. Herne Bay was one of the original seaside resorts in the early Victorian period.”

There will be painting and redecoration work after the handover from Canterbury City Council has been fully completed. The bid to run the building was made in July last year under legislation in the Localism Act. It allows groups to bid to run council services. Mr Cross now believes the new name will mark a fresh start for the museum, and will prove a success in terms of public relations and marketing to bring visitors to the town. The new handover date is set to be on Monday, June 20.

Herne Bay Gazette, April 9th 2015

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