THE League of Friends of Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital held its meeting on Monday. The committee started by congratulating chairman Gillian Fowler on receiving a much-deserved BEM. Now some of the outpatients have moved from the hospital there is optimism for the future, with several proposals for the use of the space. William Anderson, deputy clinical services director, is proposing to set up a wound-care service commencing in March. Gayle Savage told the meeting that it is to become a centre of excellence providing much-needed care for a variety of wounds and will be of great benefit to patients in the area; hopefully it will eventually be open  seven days a week. The committee agreed to a bid of £16,000 for equipment and staff to help with the initial set-up. A letter of confirmation was received stating that equipment bought in the past for the outpatients by the league will remain at the hospital to support any new clinics. The physiotherapy department has now received the exercise bike bought by the league. The overhead hoists for Heron Ward are now in place and the league had agreed and now paid the sum of £21,784.

Chairman Gillian and vice-chairman Chris Fox attended a Canterbury and Coastal Community Network and Stakeholders Group meeting for Herne Bay. Chris explained that the panel discussed what we were good at in the area, what we needed as priority and what was not necessary. Chris was appointed as chairman of the panel. Unfortunately, our membership continues to fall. If anyone is interested in becoming a member, our life membership is only £10. All donations go towards supporting your local hospital, patients and staff and without this financial support some of the services would not be in place. Membership forms can be found at the hospital.

Herne Bay Times, February 11th 2015

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