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Pylon route revealed for Europe link

Route mapNational Grid has revealed the favoured route for the pylons

The favoured route of a new network of pylons carrying electricity in East Kent has been revealed.

National Grid said the route would allow electricity to flow between the UK and Europe, through high voltage cables under the Channel.

The route runs between Canterbury and Richborough, and goes around the villages of Heresden, Upstreet, Sarre and Gore Street.

A consultation on the route and the pylons used will conclude on 27 March.

National Grid project manager Steve Self said: “In developing this route we continued our studies on the ground and listened to feedback from the local community.

“We believe the sensitively designed route and carefully selected pylon types we propose achieve the right balance between the effect of a new overhead line on the local area and the cost on everyone’s energy bills.”

He said two types of pylon have been proposed for the route.

There would be a standard one and a shorter version, which would be used on the Ash Levels, to “minimise the impact on the local area and wildlife”.

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