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Put back the railings to protect our Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is being restored

A campaigner believes iron railings should be put at the bottom of the refurbished Clock Tower to stop youngsters on skateboards and BMX bikes from damaging it. Former councillor Vince McMahan has called for the action as repairs to the histonc seafront landmark are set to continue into the new year. Mr McMahan said:

“The new tower looks really impressive, hut I would like those carrymg out the work to put in the iron railings which used to be in place. They were removed during the Second World War to help with the war effort and never replaced. Skateboarders and children tend to make use of the area, so railings would add to the protection of the structure itself. It would stop the skateboarders and cyclists from performing like they do, with them doing all their tricks on the steps. I hope they bring the railings back. I think it would add the finishing touch to the refurbishment works to have them reinstated.”

Vince McMahan
Vince McMahan

Last week the council’s regeneration manager Patrick Rynne announced the works would be completed by the end of January, with lighting, asphalt and bird protection work still needing to be done as the scaffolding is brought down. Council spokesman Rob Davies confirmed that no railings will be put up around the base of the Clock Tower, and that it will be returned for public use as it was before. Work to restore the structure began in the summer, with scaffolding being wrapped around it while stonemasons and engineers carried out repairs. The work includes a new clockface LED lighting display and cameras. The Friends of the Clock Tower group also took up residence in a new information centre next to the Saxon Shore pub on the seafront. The money came from both Canterbury City Council and from the Heritage Lottery Fund after a successful bid to win £250,000.

Herne Bay Gazette, December 4th 2014


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