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Pub Landlord‘s candidature makes mockery of election

THE news that Al Murray, perhaps better known as The Pub Landlord, would be standing in May’s general election in one of our neighbouring constituencies, Thanet South, raised smiles across the country. Prompted doubtless by the presence In the presence of Ukip leader Nigel Farage, the decision of Murray to throw his hat into the ring intensified further the media spotlight on what was already a fascinating contest.
Hurrah for east Kent, then. Its time in the limelight has well and truly arrived. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, however, Is possibly open to debate, as are the wider ramifications of Murray’s decision.

Not so very long after the visit to Ramsgate of Happy Mondays dancer Bez In support of the Reality Party, the whole thing is in danger of turning into farce. Leaving aside any lame jokes about politics and farce never being very far apart anyway, the matter of electing our Members of Parliament is something we should treat with due respect and concern.
Even the most cynical should understand that this is all about putting someone into a position of tremendous privilege and responsibility.
This will not be the last time you are urged to vote at the General Election, and to vote having given the issues thought. And rest assured that, whatever your beliefs, this newspaper will be on hand throughout to give the very best coverage of what should be an exciting and intriguing few months leading up to the big event.


Herne Bay Times, January 21st 2015

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