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Protesting against nuclear weapons

Over the last year, and longer, there have been articles in your newspapers about cuts – in public services, welfare, children’s centres, maintenance funds for parish councils, libraries, the homeless charity Porchlight, as well as the health services, education, housing, and many other areas. All those who have been affected by government or council cuts should be aware of the link between these cuts and the government’s priority of spending on renewing nuclear weapons. It has billions of pounds to spend on these, when the money, our money, could be better directed to the welfare of the citizens. If really concerned, people should know about the protest in Westminster on Saturday, January 24, Wrap up Trident. It begins at noon outside the Ministry of Defence, Horseguards Avenue, with a march to rally outside Parliament, until 3pm.

Marilyn Sansom, Selling Road, Old Wives Lees

Herne Bay Gazette, January 15th 2015

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