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Pothole nightmare is putting cyclists at risk

OFFICIALS must deal with the state of the roads or abandon pledges to encourage people to cycle, a leading councillor has warned. Lib Dem Nick Eden-Green said cyclists took their lives in their hands when they tried to use the city’s roads, and that, with major development planned under Canterbury City Council’s local plan the situation would only get worse. He told a meeting of the joint transportation board that firm decisions had to be made. He said:

“I have had complaint from a resident about the general state of the road. The roads are not safe to cycle on because of the state of them. If we are going to promote cycling and other forms of transport, we have got to have roads that are fit for purpose. I recognise the budget constraints and the problems of the weather. But we have actually got to address this problem or we have got to give up one of our key strategies. We have got to take some decision as a council. If we are going to drastically increase the number of residents in this district, which will drastically increase the number of cars, we have got to have roads that aren’t covered in gravel that has come out of potholes.”

The panel was told Kent County Council had allocated £3million to fix roads on top of the amount already in the budget, and that extra crews were also at work to fix damage. Canterbury area highways manager Chris Maw said:

“Following one of the wettest years recorded and the wettest January on record, an increase in road damage was inevitable. Additional resources have been put in place and work will be completed as soon as possible and as the weather permits.”

Herne Bay Times, February 27th 2014

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