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Poor visibility on St Stephen’s Hill

I would like to say how much I admire Bruce Buckland’s attempts to make St Stephens Hill a safer place for students to cross and I am deeply disappointed that his appeal has been rejected (Call For Crossing On Road Where Student Died Is Rejected, Gazette and Faversham News, December 25). I dislike driving along that stretch of road at all times of the year when the students are in residence. In summer, a driver can leave bright sunshine and be plunged into deep shade from the overhanging trees in moments. At night, visibility is far worse, as the road is so badly lit and the students mostly dress in dark colours. As there is no designated crossing, they cross the road at various points, and are often so intent on conversations with friends, that they step out into the road without due care.

If the cost of providing a crossing is the issue, I cannot understand why the trees bordering the road have not been cut back to provide better visibility. The very tall trees at the university side cut out a great deal of natural light and at night, reduce the light from the overhead lighting, while the hedge on the opposite side of the road has been allowed to grow unchecked. If this was taken back to half its present height, visibility would be greatly improved. Has this also been proposed and dismissed? As Mr Buckland pointed out, the number of students crossing and the volume of traffic has increased. It will no doubt, continue to do so. It is time some action was taken to make this a safer place for the young people who come here to study, and who we hope, will return safely home.

Alwyn Lindley
Radfall Road, Whitstable

Herne Bay Gazette, January 1st 2015

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