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Poll: who is Herne Bay’s man or woman of the year?

Doreen Stone

Doreen Stone, the Chairwoman of the Herne Bay Pier Trust

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FIVE inspirational people from Herne Bay have been nominated by one of our readers to feature in this poll. Who deserves the title?

1. Jo Mumford – the young musician has made a video and sold jewellery she created to raise money and awareness for charity Epilepsy Action.

The 26-year-old Herne Bay lady was diagnosed at the age of 4 but it was controlled by medication until 2009.

In an interview last year, she said: “The last four years, epilepsy has taken away almost everything that normal life is for the average person in her 20s.

“My relationship, my job, driving licence and freedom have suffered.”

She added: “With epilepsy you never know what is going to happen next but Epilepsy Action are fighting for a cure and this is why I want to raise money and awareness of epilepsy.”

2. Gerald McCarthy of the Herne Bay Promotion Team – is a true Herne Bay enthusiast Gerald McCarthy who has been involved with several fantastic campaigns to promote our beautiful town. It included a film and an app that show what we’ve got to offer.

3. Kayleigh Duff – the young mother who touched the hearts of people across the country with her inspirational story of fight and love for life.

The mother of 4-year-old Kai was only 24 when she lost her battle against a rare form of colon cancer that spread to her liver and brain.

But before her last breath, she drew up a bucket list which included meeting several celebrities and a beautiful dream holiday to Disney World in Florida with her son.

4. Doreen Stone – the Chairwoman of the Herne Bay Pier Trust is well known as one of the main leaders of the fight to rebuild the iconic pier.

She has been behind some of the Trust’s latest successes, including the ITV Meridian’s The Peoples’ Millions £50,000 grant and a loan of £60,000 from the Kent Community Foundation, which will help with some of the work.

5. Jane Priston – the woman behind The Amy Johnson and Herne Bay Project, which looks to honour the famous female pilot.

Mrs Priston spent 7 years researching the pilot who held several world records, including the first woman to fly solo to Australia.

Who should be named as Herne Bay’s man or woman of the year? Cast your vote in our poll:

<a href=”https://polldaddy.com/poll/8550294/”>Who is Herne Bay’s man or woman of the year?</a>

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