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Political Management Member Panel

PMMP: Deathly dull or sinister secret?

Cllr Simon Cook said in a recent press interview:

“I believe that moving to a committee system would allow the city council to increase member involvement and transparency in decision making. Putting this proposal forward now means that, if the city council votes in favour, and the Political Management Member Panel endorses it, the new system should be in place for the council that is elected in 2015.”

An interesting phrase, I thought, “if the city council votes in favour, and the PMMP endorses it”. If this Panel’s endorsement is required, does it also have power of veto? I thought I would find out more about the Political Management Member Panel.

Easier said than done. Nothing found through “Search” on the Council’s website. Digging deeper reveals that there’s a tiny fraction of the Constitution devoted to it:

Article 15 – Review and revision of the Constitution

Explanatory comment

This article places a duty to monitor and review the Constitution on a particular body/person.

15.01  Duty to monitor and review the Constitution

The  Monitoring  Officer  will  monitor  and  review  the  operation  of  the Constitution  to ensure that the aims and principles of the Constitution are given full effect, and will consult at least on an annual basis with a member panel appointed by the council which is politically balanced and contains at least one member of the Executive (the Political Management Member Panel).

PMMP on expenses
PMMP on expenses

And it gets a brief mention as a valid destination when filling in mileage claims on expenses.

That’s it.

It’s an important-sounding title, and it may become important soon – does anyone know any more about the Political Management Member Panel? Who attends? Meeting dates? Minutes? Agendas? Anything.

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Aha! We have been sent some answers.

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