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Piratical display lights up the pier

People power – and a pinch of piracy – is behind a festive lights display erected more than a kilometre out to sea. A Christmas tree of light, made from around 1,000 lights, appeared on the stranded head of Herne Bay pier just before Christmas.

Pier Pirates claimed responsibility for the seasonal display and said the lights were a symbol of the town’s future. A spokesman said:

“Ahoy! Me ‘n’ me hearties have put these
lights up as a symbol of the unity that Herne Bay needs to display to
overpower the tyranny of our current rulers. We believe that this be
necessary to get our fair share of the treasure includin’ gettin’ the
pier rebuilt to its original length smartly. There be many lubbers ’bout who have chosen to ignore the hopes ‘n’ aspirations ‘n’ determination of the people.”

He said the project was inspired by the volunteer groups working
to improve the town, including the Bay Promo Team, Beach Creative and
the Kent Pier Marina Team from the Herne Bay Pier Trust as well as the
people of Herne Bay themselves. He added:

“The town Christmas tree lights was voted the worst in
the land ‘n’ news spread far and wide. Me and me hearties thought we
should step in and gift the town the best offshore Christmas tree lights
in the UK. All ye pirates mucked in and helped, including local suppliers.”

Partygoers at the BayPromoTeam’s Christmas ball were impressed by
the lights and a spokesman said:

“They look fantastic and everyone was
saying how impressive they were. We can only sum them up as a festive

Jason Hollingsworth, of the Kent Pier Marina Team, which is
working on plans for a marina around the old pier head, added:

“I think
this shows that the people of Herne Bay are proud of their town and are
willing to get involved in the Government’s Big Society. This is truly a beacon of hope for the future of the town and
for the pier. I think the sense of community is at an all-time high and
this shows beyond reasonable doubt that Herne Bay is powered by its

HB Times 4th Jan 2013

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