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Petition for more power to people

letter to the Herne Bay Times, 24th Apr 2014

The Westgate Hall, our museums, the Westgate Towers traffic trial,  the Kingsmead Field and now the Harbledown park and ride. Due to public pressure and petitions, Canterbury City Council has been forced to change its standing on all these topics.

Perhaps the city council will now realise that residents should be consulted and listened to too, instead of rushed through, arbitrary decisions being taken by the executive, a select group of 10 hand-picked by the council leader.

The council should revert to the committee system whereby all councillors, representing all the residents, play an active part in decision-making. To achieve this you are recommended to sign the Campaign for Democracy in Canterbury District petition to get the situation reviewed

If the petition is signed by 5% of local registered voters – that’s 5,665 people – the council is required by law to hold a referendum.

Act now, sign up!

Mr E. Golding, Canterbury