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Parking policy must help town

I am pleased four years after I started asking for the council to look at parking issues in Herne Bay that they are finally starting to think about it. It is illegal to use on-street parking fees and charges for anything other than parking. Bluewater and Westwood Cross shopping centres and other-out-of town supermarkets will never charge for parking. Why? because it would put off their customers. Until councils realise the link between retail and parking and implement beneficial changes our towns are going to struggle to compete with out of town centres. It is best for our community and the environment to create strong local economies where we can work, shop and play and parking can help or hinder this.

What is the answer? Four years ago I called for free parking to help Herne Bay and while this may be unrealistic I am certain that a friendly parking policy can be adopted that will be marketable and attractive to visitors. I can only hope that Cllr Vickery Jones and Cllr Andrew Cook will listen and have the wisdom to see sense if it is offered. Maybe there is hope and I urge people to make their thoughts on parking known to our counsillors.

Dylan Hampshire
Owner, Cocketts Beds, High Street, Herne Bay

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