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Outraged by total disrespect for saint

I write in response to your story headlined Pub Slammed Over Wrong Flags For St George’s Day (Herne Bay Gazette, April 24) in order to add my outrage to the total disrespect shown to the patron saint of England, St George, by the management of the Saxon Shore pub. To display the Union flag and then further insult his memory by saying “It’s that or nothing” is disgraceful. As for the lame excuse of the St George’s flag might cause offence, who exactly is being offended? The Scots, the Welsh, the Irish. No, the only people who are offended are the English people who are being denied their national identity yet again. The flag of St George is not a political statement. It is the emblem of our great country. It has been at the forefront of everything that is great about this green and pleasant land, for thousands of years. My wife, and I, proudly fly the flag of St George in our front garden all year, punctuated only by the RAF ensign that flies on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the Dam Busters raid, and by the Union flag that flies on the anniversary of D Day and Armistice day. The statement that we are making is – that we are very proud of our English heritage and our great country. It is such a shame that more English – people do not celebrate St George’s day in the same way that the Scots, Welsh, Irish and the many nationalities celebrate their special days. But I suppose that all the time there are people with “It’s that or nothing” attitude out there, it just will not happen.

John Sherring
Selsea Avenue, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, May 1st 2014

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